Minimum Security Requirements and Household Contents Cover

Minimum security requirements are a standard feature in every short-term insurance policy, and prospective clients need to ensure compliance in this regard, as they form the basis upon which the insurer is willing to underwrite the risk posed by the application. One of the main reasons for the rejection of house content claims is policyholders not adhering to the policy conditions related to the minimum security requirements.

The minimum security requirements may slightly differ between insurers; however, as a rule, they may include: Burglar bars on all opening and louvre-type windows Security gates on all sliding doors, or at least a second lock that is either a key operated locking bolt or locking pin, fitted at a 90-degree angle to the existing door lock.

An alarm system linked to a 24-hour control room with an armed reaction unit. Security gates in front of all opening external doors. It must be appreciated that there is no fixed rule, and it is important that the Financial Services Provider disclose to you what the minimum-security requirements are.

These requirements could be influenced by various factors, such as the area in which you reside. This is crucial, as you will note from the case study below, the disclosure of minimum-security requirements is also extremely important when one moves to a different address.