FAIS Ombud Share Call Number 086 066 3274

During March 2019, the Office of the FAIS Ombud established a Client Care Centre to enhance the customer experience. The Client Care Centre also gave life to some of our core values which include increasing awareness and educating those we serve about the services we provide, so as to improve and enhance access to justice, values that remain central to the service we provide.

Being mindful of the fact that the Office of the FAIS Ombud has one, centrally located office, and in view of our continued efforts to enhance accessibility, we are proud to announce the implementation of a share call number 086 066 3274. This number 086 066 3274, which went live on 6 November 2019, will provide this Office with a nationwide presence, where the cost of the call will be shared by the caller and this Office, with the caller paying the local cost of the call and this Office paying the difference.

It has never before been more important to make consumers aware of the role of an Office such as the FAIS Ombud where one can lodge complaints free of charge in the event that one has a dispute with a financial services provider. This makes it all the more important for an office such as this to focus on accessibility. This share call number, which shall be linked to our Client Care Centre, will make it easier and more cost effective for new and existing complainants to access the services we provide.

The FAIS Ombud – ‘We Hear You’.