Learning & Development Programmes

Learning Development Programmes

The FAIS Ombud considers training and development of its staff as critical to the achievement of its overall business objective and, as such, employee education, training and development will always be done in line with the strategic objectives and operational requirements of the FAIS Ombud.

The culture at the FAIS Ombud is unique in that it allows many opportunities for career seekers.

We allow for career seekers to be authentic and to bring their best self to the organisation. We want career seekers who strive for success within the organisation. This personal quality will therefore push a person to grow and to expand their responsibilities.

The value proposition that the FAIS Ombud offers is far richer than the salary that one receives. The value proposition lies in the way growth happens within the organisation. Career seekers don’t have to wait for the next opportunity to be promoted or to move up the ladder. Growth at the FAIS Ombud happens if you are a performer and if you take the initiative to go and find opportunities to expose yourself and expand in the opportunities that you take on. The greatest reward stems from the incredible satisfaction that committed career seekers gain through the impact they make in their communities through working at this remarkable organisation.

Development at the FAIS Ombud is not seen as vertical, but, instead, horizontal. It is about expanding one’s knowledge base so that one can enhance value to the organisation, assist the organisation in driving its mission forward as well as driving the mission of the National Development Plan.

By virtue of launching one’s career at the FAIS Ombud one is enable to, in the future, challenge positions and opportunities that would otherwise have had to remain unchallenged.

The development programmes set out below are available at the FAIS Ombud.

Graduate Trainee Programme

I was one of the six Practical Legal Training students that was afforded a life-changing opportunity to partake in the FAIS Ombud Graduate Training Programme in 2013.

Fresh from university, I was both excited and nervous to leave Kwa-Zulu Natal to join a world-class dispute resolution forum such as the FAIS Ombud.

The Graduate Trainee Programme is not only designed to equip graduates with technical skills to resolve complaints. The Programme is an empowering tool aimed at upskilling graduates with soft skills, with particular emphasis on ethics and moral fibre, and the importance of social responsibility in a society that is sadly financially illiterate.

An invaluable lesson I learned from the Programme, and continue to learn daily is the importance of work ethic and integrity in a high performance environment such as the FAIS Ombud. This office empowers me to bring the best version of myself daily.

I am privileged to be associated with this organisation, and to play my part in assisting the FAIS Ombud to achieve its mandate.

-Lusanda Chili

For more information on the programme, please see the Graduate Trainee Programme page.

Team Leader Initiative

The Team Leader Program gave me the opportunity to grow both as an individual and as a professional. It provided the platform to showcase my skills and my passion for the organisation. The Team Leader Program also provided me with the tools to assist me with the transition from being a case manager to becoming a senior case manager.

Without this program, I would not be where I am today and I am grateful for the opportunity which was given to me.

- Rita Mari Van der Westhuizen

Trainee Assistant Ombud

The Trainee Assistant Ombud programme was an intense, professionally humbling, and rewarding development programme. The first lesson learnt from the programme was how much I didn’t know. Through the programme I became more enlightened about the work of government and how government programmes are delivered through public entities. As a result of this I grew into a more discerning consumer of information, and learnt to appreciate the complexities around the administration of public entities.

It was through the TAO programme that I learnt about governance, risk management and compliance; disciplines which I do not think that I would have known about at this stage of my development had I not been afforded this opportunity. I was knee deep in assisting the FAIS Ombud in chasing its business goals and delivering performance reports to key stakeholders. Through this process I learnt how these stakeholders enrich the work of the FAIS Ombud.

I was given the opportunity to lead stretch projects that gave me many sleepless nights, and a visibly confused look in the daytime. I was always determined to “figure things out” and to advance the interests of the FAIS Ombud before mine, the words of the Ombud echoed in my ears that if the training does not pay off for the FAIS Ombud, that I would return to Case Management.

I sweated bullets, and crawled to the finish line in full view of the organisation. In the end I claimed it as one of the best races that I have ever run in my professional life.

- Ms Sithabile Sabela


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