Fairness in Financial Services: Pro Bono Publico

We, the Office of the Ombud for Financial Services Providers, believe our first responsibility is to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and to the statutory mandate which created our organisation. We are completely independent and deal with all disputes fairly and impartially.

Before submitting a complaint to the Office, the complainant must endeavour to resolve the complaint with the responding party. The responding party has six (6) weeks in which to resolve the complaint with the complainant. After receipt of the final response of the responding party, the complainant has six (6) months within which to submit a complaint to the FAIS Ombud.

Before submitting a complaint to the FAIS Ombud, you must try to resolve the complaint with the responding party. We recommend that you do this in writing and keep proof that you had done so.

If you have a Reference Number, you can use that to check the Status of your Complaint

If you were recently party to a complaint lodged with the FAIS Ombud's Office. Your feedback will be used to improve our service and your responses will be kept confidential

FAIS Ombud Celebrates Valentine’s Day

FAIS celebrates Valentine Day

Graduate Trainee Programme

The FAIS Ombud is committed to the youth of this country, and skills development in South Africa. More specifically, this Office supports an inclusive financial sector, as envisioned by National Treasury.

To this extent, this Office provides graduates with an opportunity to gain meaningful workplace experience to complement their studies. The Graduate Trainee Programme is directed at those who have, or are in the process of completing their studies and are interested in the Financial Services Industry. This includes studies in the fields of Law, Auditing, Economics, Commerce and IT.

Graduate recruits will be part of a supportive environment, allowing for continuous development, the acquisition of skills and practical work experience.

The FAIS Ombud welcomes Nicola Toto.
Nicola was appointed as a graduate trainee with effect 1 March 2019.

FAIS Welcomes Nicola
FAIS Welcomes Nicola