Determination Year Categorysort descending Complainant Respondent Determination Date File(s) Summary
2009/10 Investments WJ Malan WA Jordaan 20100120 PDF
2011/12 Investments BT Heath Orange Insurance Limited 20110504 PDF
2013/14 Investments Leonie Beukes Willem Johannes Abraham & JAM Financial Planning CC 20140314 PDF
2010/11 Investments G Boynes A van der Merwe 20101104 PDF
2010/11 Investments RM Swanepoel A van der Merwe 20101104 PDF
2010/11 Investments MM and PJ Norton A van der Merwe 20110119 PDF
2013/14 Investments Ernst Hartmut Nolte Deolene Susan Catsicadellis & Reginald William Lynton Rabie 20140317 PDF
2005/06 Investments R Ramdass Standard Bank Financial Consultancy 20051020 PDF View Summary
2014/15 Investments Senamane Benedict Machaha Lindiwe Mtasa Magajana & Magajana Trading and projects CC 20140414 PDF
2005/06 Investments JP Malan Standard Bank Financial Consultancy 20051020 PDF View Summary
2009/10 Investments CE De Boer A Van der Merwe 20100331 PDF
2009/10 Investments RS Meyer A Van der Merwe 20100331 PDF
2014/15 Investments Zanele Ernestinah Mntambo Ngwenya Yamanzi Trading and Projects t/a Million Pound Investment & Sphiwe Cornelius Ngwenya 20140409 PDF
2007/08 Investments E Penzhorn Point Broker Services CC 20080204 PDF, PDF View Summary
2010/11 Investments MO Du Plessis A van der Merwe 20110201 PDF
2008/09 Long-term NC Khawula African Life Assurance t/a Sanlam Sky Solutions and 2 others 20080930 PDF, PDF
2005/06 Long-term G and J Le Vatte RS Spendley & another 20050929 PDF View Summary
2006/07 Long-term M Stain Old Mutual Life Assurance Company 20060425 PDF View Summary
2009/10 Long-term S Lotz Momentum Group Limited 20091218 PDF
2006/07 Long-term S Naidoo SA Home Loans (Pty) Ltd 20061221 PDF
2009/10 Long-term JCP Van Aswegen N.O. First National Bank Limited 20100121 PDF
2009/10 Long-term Estate Late ING Leighton Barons Belville (Barloworld SA (Pty) Ltd) 20090902 PDF
2007/08 Long-term Truss & Timber (Pty) Ltd PJH Brokers 20080331 PDF View Summary
2005/06 Long-term SA Grobler Direct Axis (Pty) Ltd 20060119 PDF
2014/15 Long-term Reformed Christians for Truth Church Merit Legal and Funeral Cost assistance (Pty) Ltf & Moeti Michael Matlaupane 20140401 PDF
2007/08 Long-term CE Du Plessis SA Home Loans (Pty) Ltd 20080218 PDF View Summary
2005/06 Medical-Aid JA Steenkamp Old Mutual Life Assurance Company SA Ltd 20060313 PDF View Summary
2010/11 Property Syndication GE Black JA Moore and Johnsure Investments 20110307 PDF, PDF
2012/13 Property Syndication Pieter Jurie Wessels and Jillian Claire Wessels Clyde Dawes Langley and Levator Wealth CC 20130219 PDF
2010/11 Property Syndication MP and DJ Swarts AP Nel 20110126 PDF