Determination Year Categorysort descending Complainant Respondent Determination Date File(s) Summary
2013/14 Investments Gert Corneulis Johannes van Vuuren and Susara Jacoba van Vuuren Kampstone Financial Services CC 20130812 PDF
2008/09 Investments TG Mashigo Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Ltd 20090331 PDF View Summary
2014/15 Investments Carolina Johanna Olivier Impact Financial Consultants CC and Michal Johannes Calitz 20140806 PDF
2010/11 Investments PJ Gropp and GH Otto Jacobus Gordon 20110210 PDF
2013/14 Investments Peggy Johanna Grantham Shevgem Investments CC and Jamey Randall 20130820 PDF
2012/13 Investments Maria Christina Smit Petrus Stefanus Fourie 20121001 PDF
2007/08 Investments E September Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd 20080331 PDF
2014/15 Investments Aletta Roos Johan Dudolph Kunneke t/a Johan Kunneke Brokers 20140903 PDF
2010/11 Investments BB and I Meyer A van der Merwe 20101022 PDF
2013/14 Investments Melanie Maresce Williams Shevgem Investments CC and Jamey Randall 20130820 PDF
2011/12 Investments MJ Cannings JL Swanepoel 20110822 PDF
2010/11 Investments TN Wood A van der Merwe 20100713 PDF
2014/15 Investments The Trustees for the time being of Johnnie Pringle Investment Trust IT1280/2004 VAIDRO 173 CC t/a Vaidro Investments and Andrea Moolman 20150311 PDF
2012/13 Investments Fransisca van Zyl Johan Willem van der Walt 20120817 PDF, PDF
2011/12 Investments P Marrie, SR Govender Soobramoney Perimal 20110706 PDF
2012/13 Investments Johan Willem van der Walt R & S Walsh Investment Consultants cc 20120817 PDF
2011/12 Investments JJ Mellet AP Nel / Du Nel Properties 20110509 PDF
2014/15 Investments Stephanie Neethling VAIDRO 173 CC t/a Vaidro Investments and Andrea Moolman 20150316 PDF
2010/11 Investments FJ and A Jamneck HJ van der Walt/ Prestige Plan Brokers 20101130 PDF
2012/13 Investments Diana Horsley Janssens Lifeforce Financial Services cc and Anthony Priday 20120813 PDF
2008/09 Investments F Nebbe MJ Oosthuizen t/a Millenium Financial Advisory Services and Brokers 20081210 PDF
2014/15 Investments Natalina Natali Impact Financial Consultants CC & Michal Johannes Calitz 20140926 PDF
2006/07 Investments R and MG Abraham C Pillay 20060619 PDF View Summary
2013/14 Investments Craig Keshwar First National Bank Ltd 20131120 PDF
2010/11 Investments ML Davison A van der Merwe 20101104 PDF
2011/12 Investments F Newlove FNB 20110907 PDF
2014/15 Investments Hendrik Johannes Carstens Impact Financial Consultants CC & Michal Johannes Calitz 20141014 PDF
2011/12 Investments BT Heath Orange Insurance Limited 20110504 PDF
2006/07 Investments R du Plessis W Willemse and Willemse Financial Services CC 20070320 PDF
2012/13 Investments N Higham D S Catsicadellis and R W L Rabie 20120215 PDF